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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  May 6, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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thank some very special members of the military for eliminating osama bin laden. >> good evening. i'm jim vance. >> i'm doreen gentzler. president obama visited fort campbell, kentucky today, there he met with army and special operators involved in the raid to take down osama bin laden. the so-called night stalker aviation unisit based at fort campbell. al qaeda has now confirmed the death of osama bin laden on a message on the internet and the group is vowing revenge and evidence obtained from the bin laden raid reveals a sinister plot to attack america on the tenth anniversary of 9/11. steve handelsman joins us live from capitol hill with the latest. >> reporter: thanks. good evening. in washington earlier this week president obama warned against america seeming to spike the football, but his trip today to kentucky marks for him, the end of what's been a week-long victory lap. cheered by his troops, his job approval rising to over 50% in
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the wake of the bin laden raid, president obama came to fort campbell to privately thank and award unit medals to the navy s.e.a.l.s and army chopper pilots who pulled the mission off. >> on behalf of all americans and people around the world, job well done. job well done. >> reporter: on the web today, al qaeda finally admitted osama bin laden is dead. a crowd ofs is supporters flaeld egypt against america, a similar gathering in indonesia, pakistanis' protest of the u.s. operation that killed bin laden, but u.s. commanders sent back a message that they'll continue operations here, launching a drone attack today inside pakistan against suspected terrorists. sources revealed agents of the cia watched bin laden's pakistani hideout from a building nearby. information seized here by the s.e.a.l.s revealed bin laden
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considered derailing a u.s. passenger train and pushed for strikes on significant dates like christmas or the 9/11 anniversary, specifically in los angeles, chicago, new york or washington. president obama warned against letting down our guard now. >> we are going to ultimately defeat al qaeda. we have cut off their head and we will ultimately defeat them. >> reporter: a stirring end to a successful week in the war on terror. team obama hopes and expects the president's success to carry over to the domestic political battles in the elections ahead. i'm steve handelsman, live from the hill. back to you. >> steve, thank you. >> the state department is providing some additional security at the pakistani embassy here in washington, now after a series of threatening phone calls. ambassador hussein akani says he has received several threatening e-mails and phone calls to the
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embassy in northwest d.c. during the past week. the calls reportedly came from people who were angry that osama bin laden had been hiding in pakistan. as steve noted, osama bin laden may have been planning to attack the u.s. on the tenth anniversary of 9/11. counterterrorism officials say information taken from bin laden's compound indicates that he considered attacks on trains in the u.s. those plans were only in the initial phases, we are told. the u.s. government sent an advisory to the rail industry. tonight we'll report on the impact of some metro riders during the evening commute of all of that. that report coming up on our next half hour. d.c. police recovering an additional ten suspicious letters addressed to public schools. that brings the total to 39 now. all of the letters are postmarked from dallas. all contained a white powder that proved to be harmless. pat collins is outside police
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headquarters with the latest on the investigation into all of this. pat? >> reporter: doreen, so what's with all these suspicious letters? what's the motive? what kind of person would do something like this? some thoughts now from a former detective. >> it's hard to get into the mind of a person who commits this kind of stuff, but i would have to say is definitely, he's sick. he's twisted and democrated. >> reporter: so what is behind all these suspicious letters sent to d.c. schools? dwayne stanton is a former homicide detective. he's investigated a number of strange cases. he warns that the letters could be a trial run. >> and also could be operatives working and often when operatives do these kind of things, what they're doing is they run tests to see how long it takes the establishment to
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respond and fix a situation. this could very well be a test as well. >> the count is now 39. 39 suspicious letter res covered by law enforcement. 29 located at d.c. schools yesterday. ten more discovered today. six of those at schools, four intercepted by postal agents. the police chief says she anticipated more letters. >> we kind of expected this. we figured probably through the day today and maybe through monday working on trying to recover the remainder of the letter, but the teams are working very well and we anticipate going through probably monday. >> we have obtained a picture of the first suspicious letter. the one sent to the terrell elementary school. now sources say all of the envelopes had typed addresses, all postmarked in dallas, texas. some had sheets of paper with
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the words al qaeda and fbi typed on the top. all contained a white poweder that field tests showed to be harmless. no reported injuries and no reported illnesses. inside the school's move to protect the children. >> the letters were quarantined and they were exposed to students and even the staff members who had come in contact were placed in a separate situation. >> the fbi has the letters now. they're looking for dna, for prints, for evidence that will help them identify and track down the sender. doreen, back to you. >> all right. pat collins reporting. thank you, pat. there are sure to be a lot of smiles on mother's day, but the skies might be teary. in fact, the heavens are crying just a bit even now. doug? >> wow, jim. it's your turn. >> outside right now, live digital doppler radar, we do
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have some rain coming down from the heavens as we speak to the north and west of the washington area, we'll take a couple of zooms and show you what we're dealing with, right now around the beltway, most areas will see a nice drive home over the next, say half hour to an hour and look to the north and west out toward frederick county, we are seeing shower activity and some thunderstorm activity, and back toward martinsburg and frederick county, virginia. and down to the south, calverton starting to see the rainmake its way to the north and east around fredericksburg and spotsylvania seeing shower first right along i-95. so it's going to be a good idea to take the umbrella out with you. if you're heading out tonight, watch out, you might want to think twice before sitting outdoors. what about that mother's day weekend? i'll show you coming up. >> thanks, doug. speaking of teary eyes, there were some at the comcast center today.
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gary williams stepping down as the men's basketball coach there. he officially announced his retirement today. we heard about it yesterday. today, though, he went in front of the players and some fans at comcast center. those who were standing by him through a lot of years. lindsay czarniak. how did it go, lindsay? >> i thought you were going use a poem like you threw to doug to me. >> only one a week. >> okay. perfect. i'll take it from there. this, was so emotional because as head basketball coach, the program you have to remember to never look back and so today when all of the people from his past, former players and former colleagues were here to support him. he said it opened the door on emotions that he hadn't let himself experience and the bottom line is williams said the most important accomplishment for him was delivering a championship here to maryland. williams today walked out on to this court out of the tunnel at comcast center and one final
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time for a celebratory press conference in front of thousands of terps fans. no one knew that he would walk off the floor at comcast as head coach after losing to rival virginia. two months later he's retiring from the sport he's lived and breathed for the past four decades. >> we're always looking to other coaches to learn and steal things from them to use, to help your program, and i've seen coaches where they just stay too long, and so if you leave a little early, it's better than leaving late. it really is. and i'm just -- i'm -- i'm very fortunate to do this and to have good people that kind of on u know, that were tough enough with me to make me understand how it works toward the end of your career. >> reporter: and now gary williams is on the golf course. we'll have much more coming up
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in sports coming up, jim. >> thanks, lindsay. maryland basketball fans are in shock, but the impact of gary williams' retirement could go well beyond the hardwood. melissa malay joins us from college park. melissa? >> good evening, doreen. there are questions tonight about how this popular coach's departure might affect school donations and businesses here. >> reporter: it's a sad day for many here at gary land at cornerstone bar, fans are bummed their beloved coach is leaving. >> i feel maryland basketball is gary williams. >> the bar owner says he'll miss the coach, a man he credits for change the school and this town. >> he came through a bad time in basketball in the late '08s and he turned it around and it was fantastic for this place. >> reporter: some fear losing williams could mean a dive in donation to the school. >> i think it will affect people giving because he's been with maryland basketball for so long.
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>> or be bad for business. >> it will definitely affect the downtown area because when the basketball team does good, we do fantastic. >> i would like to thank the students. unbelievable. >> reporter: on a day filled with tears and memories from a coach, an arena filled with players, students and alumni. >> i had to keep myself from crying. >> reporter: all of them fans honoring gary williams, a man so loved. >> gary williams is incredible and it is so sad to see him go. >> reporter: they chant his name at a school they dubbed garyland. >> he is maryland and when he leaves it will be a big hole in the maryland community. >> reporter: there's one thing the fans will miss. >> i'll miss the fist pump. >> he brings everyone together. it's just, i don't know, iconic, i guess is right. >> reporter: obviously, no effect being felt here at cornerstone tonight. fans hoping when this new coach comes in the team does well and businesses and schools follow suit. lots of folks out here toasting the coach during happy hour
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right now. live in college park, melissa malay, news 4. >> thank you, melissa. coming up tonight, the mississippi river can be plassid and lovely, but not now. it's dangerous now and it could get worse. the fighting continues in libya and moammar gadhafi's forces are zeroing in on some very specific targets. a deadly crash at an intersection that didn't have the typical traffic light signals.
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the fighting continues in libya between rebels and forces loyal to colonel moammar gadhafi. this video was shot last sunday near a town in western libya. a doctor in that area says the shelling has been nonstop for the past ten days. gadhafi's forces are attacking important supply routes that lead to that area. the opposition says residential areas have aulz also been bombed as gadhafi struggles to crush rebel resistance. at least 30 anti-government protesters were killed today in syria. protests were held in several towns across that country. witnesses say troops opened fire on the demonstrators. the united nations says it will send a team to that country to investigate the killings.
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protesters say they are fighting for political freedom. communities along the mississippi river from illinois to louisiana are facing the threat of some severe flooding. the river's already overflowing in memphis where a thousand people have been evacuated now. jay gray has more on this from tennessee. as the water moves in, the emergency officials in memphis are urging residents in low-lying areas to move out and up to higher ground. >> no need to panic. this is not a flash flood. this again is progressive. it will rise still about a foot a day on average, and so you still have time to plan. >> part of the plan now includes stopping barge traffic along a major section of the river in tennessee because lakes are pushing over and into communities along the mississippi. >> when you close the mississippi river it has an impact on the economy nationwide. >> but the most significant
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impact is in business parks and neighborhoods like these that have already taken in several feet of water. >> i've never been in nothing like this. this is all new to me. >> reporter: karen sutton's home at the back of this neighborhood has been swallowed by the floodwaters. >> i don't know what i'm going to do. i'm going wait until the water goes down to see what i can do. >> it will be a long and anxious wait as the water continues to climb. >> 46.5. 7:00 p.m. on may 8th. 47.1. right now, the fight against that water and concern over what it will do next is rising just as fast. >> crews continue to prepare and use thousands of sandbags here, but the water is climbing too quickly that they're considering using prison labor to help in the process to try to keep pace. in memphis, jay gray, news 4. we're getting a closer look
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at some of the damage caused by the tornadoes in the south. rescue teams with world vision, a humanitarian group just returned from north carolina and southwestern virginia. they say a tornado in washington county virginia caused more than $36 million worth of damage. 75 homes were destroyed there and the area's three largest employers were heavily damaged. >> the devastation was shocking to see this storm. it was an f-3 that went through that area with winds of up to 140 miles an hour and just devastation as you come over the hill and that's the first impact that we had. world vision provides relief supplies for tornado victims. crews from their texas facility are also responding to alabama which was hit the hardest by the storms of last month. coming up tonight, the suggestion that osama bin laden might have been planning to attack the rail system here in the country might have changed the evening commute for some people in d.c. tonight. drugmakers are making
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>> a group of tourists were walking across the old faithful guiser field in wyoming this week. they got busted and caught by somebody watching them on a web
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cam in wisconsin. the viewer was concerned, called rangers at the park. rangers quickly took the group out of there. the ranger also handed three of them tickets for $125 a piece. old faithful erupts every 90 minutes. officials say those visitors could have been severely burned. he said the water coming out of there is about 204 degrees. not smart. >> not smart at all. >> wow! did you want to share more poetry about the weather before we get to doug's forecast. >> i was just moved by the -- you know, the tears from heaven and all of that. >> didn't it touch you, too? >> not exactly. >> you're not feeling me. >> a beautiful day like today, i see how mother nature moves people sometimes. you want to be moved again? >> no. >> you do. >> do i. >> take a look. everybody should be moved by
6:23 pm
this. let's take a look at the -- the national cathedral today, a pretty good day out there for the 72nd annual flower mart festival. >> that's always moving. >> isn't that moving? >> that is moving. something else that could get you moving. they actually have trips to the top of the cathedral. a great vantage point from the city from the top of the cathedral and something they do not do very often and a great day, on the 72nd annual festival going on through the end of this weekend. a lot of people having a good time-out there and they're moving and grooving, too. >> 68 degrees the current temperature, winds out of the south-southwest at 13 miles per hour and our high today 71 degrees with sunshine and we saw a nice afternoon. 63 in frederick. we were at 70 earlier and now we were at 63 and how about some rain? rain-cooled air. sterling around 67 right now. 68 in manassas and culpeper has also seen the rain. now due to 57 degrees out there right now.
6:24 pm
here is the rainmaking its way across the area and even across the thunderstorms and heaviest rain through loudoun county and frederick county and down to the south around fredericksburg where there has been more rain right now, moving along i-95. still right along the beltway, we're not seeing that rain yet, but back to the west, we are seeing the rain back toward leesburg, just to the west of sterling and as we make your way over to frederick around centreville and over toward adamstown and pretty good showers and pretty good thunderstorms. you will see a brief, heavy downpour and also some lightning from these storms and watch out for that. these storms will continue to make their way off to the north and east. i think you'll probably see these storms just to the north of clarksburg, and watch out there as well and over to damascus, the storms could be in your neck of the woods over in the next half hour. some showers starting to lose their punch a little bit right along i-95 down to the portions of staff ford county, just to the north of fredericksburg, all associated with that bigger
6:25 pm
system and that's making its way across the east into the mid-atlantic. the stronger storms into parts of virginia and north carolina, but nothing severe from this. what we are going to see from this is clearing skies later tonight and that will allow the temperatures to cool down once again. mild air for us today and mild air into the picture for tomorrow as well. i think saturday is going to be a great day for the most part. we'll start to see the clouds on the increase and we could start to see shower activity in the region by 8:00, 9:00 tomorrow night and then we'll continue to see the showers moving through overnight into early on sunday. we could see showers early on mother's day and right now they could be out of the region by around the 9:00 hour in the morning. that's very good news. most of the day should be on the dry side and just a few scattered showers. >> this evening, mostly cloudy. a few showers possible, 61 to 65. tomorrow morning, mostly clear and another cool start. 42 to 49 degrees and the winds will be on the light side as we make our way through the day
6:26 pm
tomorrow, a mixture of sun and clouds, nice and mild and their there's an isolated chance of a shower possible and i'm not looking for too much in the way of rain. winds out of the west at 10 to 15 miles per hour. your next couple of days, 71 degrees on sunday. right now we've dropped that chance of rain to 30% and then on monday, 75 degrees to start off the week. 76 on tuesday. there's got to be a frontal boundary right around the region and we're worried about that right now and could bring us a chance of rain wednesday, thursday into friday and no real cool air and no heavy rain to come and nothing severe. not just here, but in areas of the country that have been hit very hard and it will really calm down over the next week or so. >> that should be a big help. >> thank you, doug. >> it's a beautiful thing. >> coming up. a 99-year-old woman spent years fighting a $1,000 water bill that she thought should have been more like 30 bucks. now there's a decision in the case.
6:27 pm
>> talk of a terror plot targeting our railways may have been on the u.s. radar for quite some time. the traffic signals may have blade a role in a deadly accident in a busy intersection. we'll have that. i'm jane watrel, fairfax county students with a passion for fashion give back to fellow classmates who want to go to the prom. i'll have the story coming up. coming up in sports, i sit down with gary williams to find out why after 43 years on the sidelines he's calling it quits.
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president obama twont fort campbell, kentucky, today to thank u.s. troops for their service. he also met privately with the assault force that carried out the raid on osama bin laden's compound. he gave a special operations -- he gave the special operators a presidential unit citation. it is the highest such honor that a unit can receive. communities along the mississippi river from illinois to louisiana are facing the threat of severe flooding. officials have already evacuated about 1,000 people in memphis, tennessee. gary williams told fans today that the time is right for him to retire as head basketball coach at the university of maryland. williams will be staying on at university as an assistant athletic director.
6:31 pm
hundred of metro riders are encountering some new security measures this evening. this comes as we learn more of potential threats of terror attacks with trains in the u.s. it came from documents seized from osama bin laden's compound, as we've reported. derrick ward reports now from mcpherson's square. >> the information the gleaned from material found in osama bin laden's hideout, for local law enforcement it comes as no surprise but it's still being taken seriously. >> those of us that have been doing this for many years, the targets and interests of al qaeda and many other terrorist organization have always centered around identified targets and transportation being one of them. so that's one of the things that over the past several years we've put a lot of effort into ensuring our security. >> the information didn't say anything specifically about mass transit systems. they said rail, but metro was a rail system so they're not take anything chances and they're stepping up security as well. >> metro has continued its already-stepped up security and
6:32 pm
today at the mcpherson square station, transit police with dogs keep a watchful eye on their rail system. meanwhile, back above ground they're on the lookout for anything amiss on or around the track beds. new info speaks of the idea of tipping trains by tampering with tracks or loosening rail ties. passengers we spoke to are having a mixed reaction to the news. >> i guess i'm just not worried. i'm used to living like this. i'm hopeful that we'll all be safe. >> we had discussed that after we had heard what happened, but, i mean, you never can tell what happened. >> but for others like this family from colombia, south america, who live lives under the threat of violence there was reason for pause. >> it was very difficult to be living in that kind off e environment especially with children because you never know when you go out somewhere there might be an attack and your family might be destroyed or ruined. it's a very difficult situation.
6:33 pm
>> derrick ward, news 4. >> they tell news 4 that today's action which is included random checks aboard busses had actually been planned weeks ago before the new threat information was discovered. an 18-year-old driver is dead after a car crash in montgomery county earlier this morning and it happened at germantown road in germantown. police say the teenager was driving west on middlebrook road when he entered the middle section of the light. the dump truck driver was flashing yellow. the teen's two passengers were taken to a local hospital for treatment. the driver of the truck was not injured. drivers who normally take the wilson bridge may want to avoid it this weekend. starting tonight the through lanes on the outer loop of the beltway between telegraph route and route 1 will be closed. crews will be installing a storm drain across those lanes. officials say two outer loop local lanes will remain open and drivers will still be able to access telegraph road from the outer loop.
6:34 pm
the work should be finished some time sunday morning. >> janet cohen was quite a lady. she was nearly 100 years old and, boy, what a fighter. she got a water bill some time ago for $1,000. it should have been 30 bucks and she fought it like a tiger. tom sherwood first reported on the story and now two years later there is a bittersweet ending to all this drama. >> this was janet cohen two years ago. strong willed, honest and nearly 100 years old. when we talked to her she was mystified and fighting a $1,000 water bill. her normal monthly bill, just $30. >> yeah. it is just so obvious. as the plumber said you couldn't use that much water. >> reporter: janet cohen had been on brandywine street in northwest washington since 1954. she took care of herself and her house. she knew her modest house and its water use, but the water
6:35 pm
company insisted she pay up the $1,000. it's a difference and indication of error so she appealed with the help of her son david, a lawyer. >> she was pretty feisty. >> she was. >> tell me something about her. >> stubborn as a mule. >> after a walk in the yard with her azaleas where david grew up in 1954 david told nbc 4 that the $1,000 bill case is now resolved. a letter from the water department confirming it. >> that her position was correct, that she had not used the water and the bill is to be corrected. >> this is great. she's an absolved of owing this money. there's only one problem. >> well, she's gone. it's postmarked a year and a day after she died. >> daughter-in-law ellen is certain the water bill affected janet cohen's health. >> there's no question in my mind. she was having trouble eating. she was -- her blood pressure was spiking.
6:36 pm
she wasn't getting dressed anymore. she always got dressed. she was a lady. >> i think she would be very pleased, and i can hear her saying, well, i don't understand why we had to go through all this. >> tom sherwood, news 4, washington. ellen and david cohen say they hope janet cohen's story will prompt any water department or any other agency to be more sensitive when somebody challenges an extraordinary bill. 75 people became u.s. citizens today in fairfax, virginia. there was a special naturalization ceremony at the fairfax government center. it was held in honor of asian pacific islander heritage month. the new americans came from 32 different countries. congressional gold medal recipient grand itch cowa encouraged them to serve their country by helping wounded veterans. the ceremony wrapped up with the pledge of allegiance. drug maishgs are make changes to infant pain relievers. [ male announcer ] want a better way to track what you spend?
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the d.c. area. 68 degrees and winds out of the south-southwest at 15 miles per hour. those rain showers just to the west and just to the south. we'll go ahead and zoom in on a couple of locations and one in the northern portions of montgomery county and around mount erie, around damascus and watch out there around clarksburg and toward gaithersburg and back to the west in berriville, but there's the heaviest wind through centreville and right around clarksburg as well and you'll also experience some thunder and lightning with these, but don't expect anything severe. you may see winds gufrting upward of 20 to 30 miles an hour and once again i'm not looking at anything severe. temperatures tonight, dipping down, and 43 in warrenton and we'll see mostly clear skies by tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon, back into the 70s, not bad at all for a saturday. >> sounds good. companies that make cold and fever medications for children are making big changes on their products it can lead to
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dangerous overdoses. later this year the companies will start phasing out liquid infant drops that contain asset minh on fen. they will make one formula for all children under the age of 12. current formulas are different from babes and for children often leading to dosing errors. asscetaminophen is a widely use painkiller found in tylenol and other medicines. too much of it can cause liver damage. nasa is now updating the schedule for the launch of the next to the last space shuttle. the earliest that the shuttle endevour could blast off now is may 16th. it was supposed to take off last friday, but a malfunction in a heater put everything on hold. the trouble was traced to a switch box whery engineers found a blown circuit. it's been replaced now, but they need to do some more testing. the mission is scheduled to last two weeks. it will be led by commander mark kelly. he's the husband of representative gabrielle giffords, the victim of an assassination a term.
6:42 pm
. giffords says she will go back to cape canaveral for the next launch attempt later this month. lindsay's back live at the comcast center which we're calling garyland, right? >> that's what the teacher said out there today and there are other head basketball koefrping news going on in the area. g.w. names its new head coach and it is a name that is very familiar. also gary williams' former player react to their coach retiring and i sit down with coach williams to find out why coach williams to find out why he's retir
6:43 pm
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gary is gone, but boy, what a mark he left on that institution, huh, lindsay? >> i will say. absolutely. everybody that was here today from the players to the fans and the student body. they were wearing shirts and we could not have been more gracious and that was evident because he was emotional from the moment that he walked up on the stage where the press conference was being held. we saw a different side of gary williams. he's been player ed for two weeks and we met his wife, she's a lovely woman and he was funnier and more le relaxed than he normally is and he's had offers to do television, but the one thing he wanted to make clear is he's not retiring because his star player is not coming back and he's been thinking about this for a long time and this is about him simply wanting to face the rest his life. >> what the heck are you thinking? >> i'm thinking about the rest
6:46 pm
of my life, really. i'm 66. it's only a number, as they say, but it's a number. it takes a lot out of you. plus i just feel that it's time to see what else is out there and what i can do. i might not be able to do anything. i don't know. >> i don't really believe that. you're so regimented as a coach. the season's over and you start scheduling games for the following year. all those things are in place even before you take a breath after the season's over. so it's a little different. there's freedom for me in this situation and i'm looking forward to it. thinking back over all of those 22 years and how things were tough in the beginning and you look at the championships and the final fours and what have you. what strikes you the first as far as thing that you're most proud of? >> well, probably taking a program in '89 where it really fell on tough times and a couple of things happened and we had sanctions in '09 and '91 when we
6:47 pm
couldn't play on live tv and couldn't play in the ncaa tournament. no recruit goes to the acc school without those opportunities and we had pretty good programs up to where we could be competitive and to get to where we could win a national championship is probably that process of doing that that means the most to me. >> folks out there think that the real reason that you're retiring is because jordan williams is entering the nba draft. >> that's totally untrue because i've had great players leave the program, steve francis, joe smith was the first prior to take the graph and steve wilcox off the championship team and people like that that i told to leave because they could max out the amount of money they could make at that time and i've had guys like steve blake, the and i talked about staying four years because i felt that was in their best interest to stay for four years and jordan, we tried to give them as much information as possible on what was out there and the lockout possibility and
6:48 pm
all of those things that were there that make this year differently and jordan and his patients chose to go, but that's certainly one player who will not determine what i do with the rest of my life. >> gary is a life coach, and so in all his teachings on the court and off, you could look at those young men that were sitting to the right of him today and they're all doing well in life and it's because of what he started to do with them on the court, but carried on beyond the court. that's what i'm going to be looking at for anybody who will come in here and it will be dedicated to having good students, having good basketball players and having good people and they'll be out in the community to be good americans. >> maryland athletic director kevin anderson told me that he wants to search for a new head coach wrapped up very quickly and he would not go into more detail than, that but obviously, whoever that person is will have very big shoes to fill. if you want to hear about the impact that gary williams had on his players who better to ask than the former players
6:49 pm
themselves. walt williams was the man that gary williams credits with making his career at head coach in maryland because when times were tough for the program back in the late '08s, walt chose to stay and today walt williams came back to honor the man hoo who he says made such a difference in his life. >> for me, personally, after my career, just him, just his personality and just him, himself made me motivated me at the highest level, the things that he would do. today it was just incredible how it motivated me and excelled me to another level. you know it's coming sooner or later with the same intense they he had 20 years ago when i played for him and he fooled me in that respect whereas you see him doing it at a high level at that age and saying man, he'll
6:50 pm
do this forever and it's definitely shocking to see this day come. >> it would give him an opportunity to play basketball at the college level not only as a player, but as a person. he's one of those coaches that he's not a coach only, he could also be a mentor, a father, a friend and a lot of different things that, you know, help me a lot to be who i am right now. >> it's hard for me and i'm very sad, but that's the best for him and i'm happy for him, and i respect all of his work. >> that's former terp vasquez talking about his former head coach gary williams. gary williams is leaving maryland, one of his former assistants is coming back to the area. maryland native has spent the past six seasons as the head coach of vermont. on monday he named the head
6:51 pm
coach to the university and he was here under coach gary williams. in 2005, but made his name truly a catholic university where he is the all-time wingest coach in school liftry including a division 3 championship in 2001 where he was named national division 3 coach of the year. he will be introduced at noon on monday at george washington. from college hoops now to baseball, the nationals tonight are in miami. i imagine they could not be happier because things could not have got much worse up in philadelphia last night. the nationals were swept and they lost every game in the series, it was 7-3 at the hand of the phillies and let's go back to the field. jason werth was all smiles in the game, before the game and with the philly phanatic there. john landen facing shane victorino and he smacks it over the wall in left field. victorino's sixth home run of the year.
6:52 pm
the nationals were down 2-0, but things got worse. they would not go well for the nats at all. he owned the nats and his career does it again and hits it down the baseline and he had the national starter this year and gave up six lites and two plus innings of work. as for phillies starter, roy holiday, he was terrific and dominant. gets brian biks ler looking at strike three. holliday strikes out 10. 10-1 in his career and the phillies get the win. 7-3, back here at college park, a sad day for the fans and the current players, but for gary williams truly opening a new book, a new chapter in his life. >> lindsay, one of the mosten during images i'll always of have gary, he would get intensely involved in a game and he would -- you know how he would turn to the bench and start screaming at the guys on the bench with his back to his players on the floor and i
6:53 pm
always wondered what is he telling those guys? what is he saying to them? >> he'd scream at anybody. >> you can't tell me that he's not going miss that. one of the things he said today is he feels like he can come out here right now and continue to be as dominant a coach as he has been and he realized he simply wants to do things that he wants to take care of. >> he's also a grandfather and trying to keep things in order. i think he'll end up on tv. >> we're glad to see him leave on his terms. >> that's a good thing. >> thank you, lindsay. coming up, some students are going to class at the mall and they learned a lesson that's priceless. >> for all your news we invite >> for all your news we invite you to
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it's a rite of passage for teenage girms attending the high school prom, but in these tough economic times, the cost of buying the perfect dress, shoes and accessories can put the prom out of reach for many, but some retail marketing students and their teacher are out to change that. jane watrel has more tonight from fairfax county. >> how about we do the green dresses over there with the turquoise dresses and -- >> it is a busy place these days as high school marketing students prepare displays of glamorous gowns.
6:57 pm
>> so ladies, who remembers what kind of rack this is, what kind of fix thur is that you're putting the dresses on right now. >> each gown is donated. some still have tags on them, from the shoes to accessories such as jewelry. it's all free for any needy student who can't afford to go to the prom. >> it's very important for girls to look and feel good. so with this prom dress shop it gives girls like a prom experience that they can actually enjoy. >> the shop is the brain child of teacher miranda schick who wants to give her students a taste of community service along with their passion for fashion. >> i thought why not open a shop where they can use their merchandising skills that they're using in the classroom for girls that may not be able to afford the expensive prom dressers that out there that are $200 and $300. the fair oaks prom shop is one aspect of these marketing students' education. there's also rigorous classroom exercises as well. students spend hours learning the ins and outs of
6:58 pm
retail such as how to to design a store layout, but perhaps the most important lesson, says miss schick is about giving back to others, a message not lost on junior alex benitez. >> prom is expensive and it's great to have a place you can come to if you can't afford a pair of shoes and you can just come here and find a pair of shoes and also a dress to make your expense so much less. >> students hope their labor of lover will help dozens of needy teens experience the prom of their dreams. in fairfax, jane watrel, news 4. wonderful story. coming up at 11:00 tonight, a school celebration to honor students' excellence took a disappointing turn when the star performer failed to show up, but now we're learning he may have never learned about the celebration. new an inspirational game of softball where all of the players on the team are missing a limb. and honoring the freedom riders
6:59 pm
of the '06s. >> doug is here with a check of the weekend weather forecast. >> showers and thunderstorms and we have them for you on the tower cam look off toward the north and west into portion of ma maryland. you may have seen some lightning as they rumble off to the north and east. right now just to the north and west of washington into montgomery count into damascus and mount ear sxe moving into howard county as well. those are the stronger storms and here is your four-day forecast and tomorrow a pretty good saturday and a slight chance of showers early on sunday. >> thank you, doug. raul doll is a village in the mountains of norway. people say they have the deepest snow of europe. 11 years ago the villagers were trying to drum up interest in extreme skiing so they invented the free ride challenge. the concept is very straightforward and simple. there is no course and there are no


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